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This second CD of sudden artistic output music remains a mystery that defies explanation. Where does such music come from, and why? How is it possible for this music to happen as it did?

Can this music spark creative and spiritual expansion? Again and again, feedback from customers tells this is exactly what this music has done in their personal lives. They say this music opens new doorways in the mind and heart.

Does this music sound healing frequencies? Over and over, feedback from customers tells this is indeed so. They feel this music calms nervous exhaustion, ensures a good night's sleep, and allows them to be much more grounded and present in daily life. Some people play the music to their pets, who also respond in many positive ways.

Is the music of this CD meant to help ease deep sorrow and grief? It may well be so, since it poured forth as a sudden artistic output in response to the death of a beloved friend.

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